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My goal is always to make outstanding sounds and original soundtracks that will help amplify the narrative and experience of your project.
After graduating as a music composer, Eduardo has focused his career into the creation, production and implementation of music and sound design that will help enhance the narrative and experience in videogames and visual media.
Currently based in Colombia, he did his academic internship at the Victoria University of Wellington. He also did studies in composition and implementation of music and sound for videogames at the U.N.A. Argentina. All this in order to improve his capabilities as a composer and properly create and implement music for videogames and visual media.
I’m Available for freelance work, collaborations and workshops.

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(2017 - Present)
He started making music as freelance composer for independent short films, visual media projects and videogames since 2016 while he was starting his studies in music composition. From then, he started participating in different Game Jams through the years, making music and sound design for indie games.
On 2022 he gave a conference about Music for films and videogames at EAFIT university and has been making music for independent videogame studios and clients for publicity purposes of their projects as well as specific jobs in order to help them shape their projects into something more real and entertaining through music and sound design.


  • Two times finalist in the contest *New Talents in Arts* by the Chamber of Commerce of Medellín for Antioquia.
  • Composer for the investigation group of music & technology, MUSUX. Which was awarded an artistic scholarship in 2018.
  • Accepted at the Victoria University of Wellington to carry out his academic internship 2020.